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Naxos: Food for the Soul
Immerse yourself in the endlessly fertile Naxos, an island so intricately entwined with local produce, even police stations boast their own vegetable patches!
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Foodies' paradise in Chora. Photo by Christos Drazos.

On my virgin trip to this incredibly fertile and weather-beaten island, I was deeply moved by the locals’ inherent connection with the land. It surprises no one but the tourists, and it seems to belong to everyone. Every single islander is raised on its riches and every Naxian childhood ebbs and flows with the rhythmic change of the seasons. Juicy, sweet tomatoes for summer, virgin olive oil for fall, root vegetables for winter and velvety dairy all year around. And since this isn’t exactly a high-risk area, nobody would fault you for exchanging a few gardening tips with the local inspector!

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016
21°C, ​Mostly Sunny
In the bag: Moleskine voyageur, Greek phrasebook, Soothing mint digestive tea bags
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Old school cooking lesson. Photo by Christos Drazos.

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Catch of the day. Photo by Georg Roske.

And then there are the taverns. But let’s get something straight: this is not a meat, dairy or gluten-free destination. And although you might occasionally get homegrown eggplants in lieu of change at the local convenience store (yes, this actually happened!), the Naxians are tremendously proud of their cattle farming. Still, despite my healthy appetite, all my money’s on the local kafenia: don't forget to stop by Aperanthou village —a tiny little place that inexplicably boasts more museums than the island’s own capital— for some chitchat with Mr. Michalis. I guess it’s true what they say: sometimes stories can be more nurturing than food —even if it’s grown on Naxos!


Despina Pavlaki

Cover photo
Georg Roske

Christos Drazos
Georg Roske


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