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A Treasure Trove of Jewelry – The timeless beauty of one of Greece’s oldest art forms
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As a jewellery enthusiast, have this rare opportunity to explore the rich and diverse history of Greek jewelry and hold a selection of stunning historical pieces in your own hands, during an exclusive handling session at the Benaki Museum.  Observe the art of creating and conserving jewellery and its key position in Greek culture through the ages.  To round of the experience, Dolly Boucoyannis an award-winning jewelry designer, gave us the chance to get an insider’s look at the crafting tools and techniques that shape these works of art.

1&2 Gold wreath of oak leaves and flowers. The oak was the sacred tree of Zeus at the foremost centre of his worship, Dodoni in Epiros. Late 4th-early 3rd c. BC. Diam. 0.17 m.

Discover more than 6000 years of Greek jewelry with a private guided tour of the acclaimed Benaki Museum and its vast collection of jewelry, which includes stunning exemplars of the material culture of Greece from ancient through Byzantine and modern times.Hold a piece of the extensive history of Greek jewelry in your hands, with an exclusive handling session at the Museum’s underground vaults.

1-3 An exclusive handling session of precious 19th-century jewels at the Benaki Museum. Apart from becoming a jewelry conservator, A Treasure Trove of Jewelry, will even let you meet an award-winning jewelry designer to dig deeper into the crafting tools and techniques.

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