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DESPINA PAVLAKI: Between the Shadow and the Soul
A writer, a film critic, a producer and dog owner, Despina Pavlaki is an aspiring multimedia nomad who knows every nook and cranny of Greece; not surprisingly, she's EPITOME's eloquent travel insider.
F, 37, 1.63, 65, Fiery
Identity reissued

Despina learned little at school and lots on the road. And while she’s no Jack Kerouac, she did write her first children’s book while stranded on the island of Tinos - mostly because it was too windy to do anything else. She has a previous life as a film critic and festival programmer (the kind that curates films), which she sorely misses every single day of the week. Because let’s face it, what’s better than watching films for a living?

Since then, she has produced endless amounts of creative non-fiction for newspapers and magazines - back when they still existed - while telling herself she will soon start work on a proper novel. She’s even bought a self-help guide on how to just that. In the meantime, she is making a valiant effort at film production. Her first fiction short screened in competition at the Sundance Film Festival (hello Robert Redford!), which would have been fun if she’d actually had enough money to attend.


To quote a stolen David Lynch motto: “Traveling is not just about going to far-off destinations but creating destinations within yourself”. (Note to self: must try transcendental meditation)

Her goal in life is to be a geography-defying multimedia nomad, although she keeps coming back to Greece time and time again. She blames her dog.


Despina Pavlaki

Chris Ouzounis

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