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CHRISTOS DRAZOS: A Restless Explorer
A self-admitted “collector of experiences” enamoured with the brilliant Aegean light, photographer Christos Drazos is always on the go.

When you hear Christos talk about the sea and the Aegean light, you soon realise that he’s enamoured with the landscape of the Greek archipelago and its constellation of miniature island worlds.

What strikes me with Greece is the diversity of its islands. Each island has its own products, its distinctive architecture, the character of its people. This is even more striking in islands that are extremely close to each other: Mykonos and Tinos, Paros and Naxos or Santorini and Thirasia are not even half an hour away from each other, yet they are completely different.

For Christos, the unpredictable nature of his job is what makes it so exciting to begin with, and every little event or mishap adds to the intricate tapestry of experiences he has been weaving so patiently through all these years. Eloquent, reassuring and serene throughout our discussion, Christos is an artist who treasures the intimacy of private emotions, and sees photography as a way of us understanding the world. A master of capturing the essence of a moment and a place, he’s a true virtuoso of his art who nevertheless prefers to work under the radar. His honed technique and artistic sensibility allow him to deal with extremely diverse subject matter, from capturing a fading footstep in the sand or the play of the morning light in a girl’s curls, to a raging winter thunderstorm over Tinos or Mount Aetna as it is erupting in all its destructive might.

As Christos himself admits, not everything is for sale; it’s important to keep things for ourselves, and do things only when we feel good about doing them. As I browse his blog, filled with wanderlust, something tells me that he’s right.


Kiriakos Spirou

Christos Drazos

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