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NAXIAN COLLECTION: Unannounced Luxury
In a place of astonishing natural beauty, where the breeze whispers through cedar trees, Naxian Collection is a safe-keeper of traditional Cycladic hospitality and the locals’ tight bond with nature.
37D 04' 46.25", 25D 21' 25.29"
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37D 04' 46.46", 25D 21' 26.49"

Pool detail, ​L​uxury ​V​illa. Photo by Georg Roske.

Situated less than two miles away from the port and town of Naxos, the hotel offers the perfect balance between privacy and the convenience of an accessible location, while it’s only a few minutes away from the paradisiacal sandy bay of St. Prokopios. Boasting sweeping views over the Aegean Sea, the complex of thirteen luxurious Villas and Suites is built in the traditional Cycladic architectural style, incorporating local materials such as wood, granite stone and the world-famous Naxian marble.

13 Villas & Suites
Concierge services, Private pools
Spring, Summer, Autumn
10 min from Naxos Airport (JNX)
Stelida (St.Prokopios), 84300, Naxos
37D 04' 46.25", 25D 21' 25.29"

View of Naxos Town from the Grande Suite. Photo by Georg Roske.

37D 04' 46.25", 25D 21' 25.29"

Private pool of Luxury Villa. Photo by Georg Roske.

37D 04' 46.25", 25D 21' 25.29"

Luxury Villa. Photo by Georg Roske.

37D 04' 46.25", 25D 21' 25.29"

Junior Suite. Photo by Georg Roske.

Behind the hotel’s disarming simplicity and uncomplicated Cycladic spirit, guests will discover luxurious modern facilities; Naxian Collection also boasts its own fruit and vegetable farms, whose produce is used to prepare mouthwatering homemade delicacies and to provide its restaurant with organic, local ingredients for freshly prepared meals that will satisfy any palate. Guests can visit the hotel’s golden-green olive grove and organic farms throughout the year, while in September and October one can actively participate in the authentic experiences of wine and olive-oil making. Meanwhile, the hotel’s stone-walled wine cellar is available for private dining, with skilful chefs preparing an exclusive dining experience that will undoubtedly remain unforgettable.

37D 04' 46.25", 25D 21' 25.29"

Crunchy juicy pomegranate arils. Photo by Georg Roske.

37D 04' 46.25", 25D 21' 25.29"

Unripe green olives. Photo by Christos Drazos.

37D 04' 46.25", 25D 21' 25.29"

Harvesting wine grapes. Photo by Georg Roske.

Relaxin' With Cherry 
Kid Loco, A Grand Love Story, 1999

After you have relaxed lounging by the pool and tried the delicious homemade sweets made by the hotel’s co-owner Maria, you will most probably give in to the urge to explore and discover the island’s many hidden treasures. And just like a real home, Naxian Collection will always welcome you back with its old-world family hospitality, and will even prepare for you a picnic basket full of fresh, local treats to take along your next adventure.


Konstantina Alexopoulou

Cover photo
Georg Roske

Christos Drazos
Georg Roske

Music curator
Chris Ouzounis


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