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Mykonos: Easter Getaway
Follow EPITOME insider Despina Pavlaki as she celebrates the holiest of Greek holidays - the Mykonian way!
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Coordinates redefined
37D 26' 50.72", 25D 19' 32.94"

Candlelight tranquility.

OK, I think it's time to fess up: I love shopping at ungodly hours while on holiday - preferably when most shop-owners have called it a day. Luckily in Mykonos very few people call it a night before the sun comes up, and a lot of beautifully curated, high-end boutiques follow suite. Buttery leather sandals after midnight? Check! Hand-weaved beach tunics after dinner? Why not? But Mykonos is not just about looking like a Greek goddess. It's a place of perfect equilibrium, where fun comes in all shapes and sizes and it can be what you want it to be.

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016
18°C, Mostly Sunny
In the bag: Panasonic Lumix TZ80, Hermes Epice Marine, Irvine moccasins
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Good Friday procession of the Epitaph.

It was only during my last visit that I finally felt like I had captured the true spirit of the island. Mykonos is not about partying. It's about togetherness. And there's no better time to experience this unique sense of community than Greek Orthodox Easter. There's no other holiday as elaborately and as inclusively celebrated as Easter. Byzantine church services take to the streets. Fireworks go off. Colourful candle-lit processions cut through the nightlife. Lamb is meticulously seasoned and spit-roasted in every street corner and lines of folk dancers will sweep you up and twirl you around until you scream for mercy. Attend Easter mass at the Paleokastro Monasteri in Ano Mera - currently home to a single nun - and you might even walk away with an invitation to a midnight Easter feast by some good-natured local. Christos Anesti!


Despina Pavlaki

Cover photo
Theodoros Chliapas

Christos Drazos


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