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Mykonos: Pirates of the Aegean Sea
Take your own private cruise around Mykonos and discover turquoise coves that are unreachable by land aboard the island's most adventure-ready yacht, the Prince de Neufchatel.
37D 25' 12.71", 25D 19' 14.57"
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37D 25' 12.83", 25D 19' 14.76"

Explore pristine inaccessible beaches on board the private yacht "Prince de Neufchatel"

If you’ve fallen for the mystique of the Greek islands, but you’re not entirely certain you can brave the summer crowds, then you’d better get on board! Last Spring, a few friends and I decided to live the dream and combine the big blue sea with a photo expedition we’d been talking about forever. We had all signed up for a photography course – part of a genius plan to spend more quality time together – and we were now eager to hone our skills on something other than class assignments. In short, we needed a challenge! We all agreed that Delos, the birthplace of Apollo – God of Light – was the perfect spot: stark, irreverent, with no distracting flora or fauna in sight. Just you and the immaculate Greek marble. Winter turned into spring and, suddenly, we were sliding noiselessly across the water aboard the Prince de Neufchatel.

Thursday, April 21st, 2016
19°C, Sunny
In the bag: Waterproof sunscreen, Musto hoodie jacket, Sailing hat
37D 25' 12.83", 25D 19' 14.76"

Ideal for private parties or candlelight dinners

37D 25' 12.83", 25D 19' 14.76"

Kivotos Mykonos Hotel

Thanks to the waterside Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel in Mykonos, we were able to sail away on their private 25m boat at a moment’s notice, adding a sense of adventure to our glorious daytrip. Built in the image of an early 19th Century schooner, the Prince de Neufchatel is a wooden sailboat straight out of Captain Hook, that’s bound to make you feel a little bit like Marco Polo! A weathered skipper cheerfully steered us towards our destination – only a few miles away from the shores of Mykonos – while everyone was still buzzing from a sneak peak at the upcoming art exhibition at the Kivotos Hotel showroom. The owners have been collaborating with the Aegeanale for an annual art show (May to October) that hopes to become the epicenter of cosmopolitan Mykonos. Equal parts charming and innovative, this growing initiative, entitled Kivotos Art Projects, has been capturing hearts since 2013, and on that sunny spring day, I can tell you it made mine beat a little faster!


Despina Pavlaki

Courtesy Kivotos Mykonos


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