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CAVO DANTE: An estate villa to sparkle on the Mykonian scene
Ideally positioned on an unspoiled rocky cape, Cavo Dante is a private villa that is the perfect place for your laid-back Mykonian holiday or for hosting your next summer event.
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Mykonian Sunsets - Magical at night.

Take a moment to appreciate the landscape: you’re on a stone-paved terrace overlooking the sea glistening under the morning sun. In the distance, the islands of Naxos, Paros and Donousa seem to float in the blue haze like magical mountains drifting in the Aegean. All around you, the Cycladic light is ricochetting off dramatic Mykonian rock formations, beckoning you to jump into your sandals and head to the nearest beach: welcome to the private holiday villa of your dreams. With its 15-meter pool, pampering suites and comprehensive list of luxurious amenities, the villa ticks all the boxes when it comes to offering a relaxed, care-free holiday on Greece’s most diverse and vibrant summer destination.

The most exciting villa to sparkle on the Mykonian scene for a long time.

Infinity Pool - Moving through the charming gardens, a few steps away is the 15 metre lap pool with incredible views.

Stone Details.

Situated on an unspoilt rocky cape between the cosmopolitan beaches of Elia and Super Paradise, this is your perfect hideout for exploring Mykonos and its beauties at your own pace. The property’s well-designed layout and understated decoration comes from the studio of Ed Tuttle, the acclaimed American architect behind Amanresorts and other global hotel brands. Upon arrival at the villa (a mere five minutes by car from the airport, or by helicopter via the dedicated helipad), you’re greeted by the pleasingly landscaped grounds and the dramatic entrance rotunda. For your stay, you can choose either the master suite called “Keli” or one of the additional four suites, all boasting unobstructed views to the ever-changing seascape and their own private terrace.

Bathroom with a view - There is also a large white bathtub with views onto the terrace.

Living Space.

The flagship suite is called the "keli" or cell. It was originally a modest stone shelter built for shepherds and has been enlarged and transformed into a fabulous 3 room suite of 120 m2.

Terraces overlooking the sea.

Bent, Best of Bent, 2009

The heart of the property beats in the Playhouse, the main building and gathering point; here you will find the kitchen where breakfast is served and common areas where guests can socialise and entertain themselves. The spacious common terrace offers ample space for sunbathing, relaxing in the jacuzzi at night, or for dining al fresco under the pergola.


Kiriakos Spirou

Courtesy of Cavo Dante

Music curator
Chris Ouzounis


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