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The Taste of Yin and Yang: Gaea Limited-Edition Oil and Vinegar Gift Set
Bridging East and West in one single gesture, this limited-edition set of oil and vinegar by Greek food brand Gaea tastes as good as it looks.

Named after Mother Earth and respectful towards her precious produce, Gaea is an innovative Greek brand that produces finest-quality olive oil, olives and other delicious treats since 1995. Much of the brand's olive oil is sourced from Crete, a place where the olive tree is almost sacred and the people have been cultivating the same olive groves for centuries. In a gesture that brings together great design with culinary refinement, Gaea released a limited-edition gift box especially for its international customers: designed in a stark motif of black and white, the set contains a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil from Crete and one of highly aromatic vinegar from Santorini.

Gaea Limited Edition Olive Oil

Gaea Limited Edition Vinegar

The design’s concept was derived from the oriental philosophy of opposites and the symbolisms of Yin and Yang: just as black and white represent opposite yet complementing forces, so does the oil and vinegar form the two indispensable pillars of Greek cuisine. Keep these elegant, perfume-like bottles on your table and infuse your salads and other dishes with the very essence of Greek gastronomy.


Kiriakos Spirou



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