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KIRIAKOS SPIROU: Natural Born Writer
A musician by trade and a writer by choice, Kiriakos loves reading between the lines and writing about all things art; he's now part of Team EPITOME as an editor and writer.

Abandoned Worlds - A Triptych. Kiriakos Spirou, 2015. Photo by Pavlos Mavridis.

Kiriakos is endlessly unsure of what he wants to do with his life. He does however have one ace up his sleeve, which makes for some very interesting party conversation: he’s that romantic figure labouring over the piano in your neighborhood dance studio, surrounded by tutu-clad girls, seemingly drowning in a sea of pink. Besides instantly conjuring up images of Degas, Kiriakos has a talent for musical composition (mostly for the stage), and claims to only feel fulfilled when he contributes in other people’s learning process. As for his own education, he spent two miserable years in Utrecht trying to write an opera, before galloping back to Athens, his homeland-by-choice.

I first came to Athens as a teenager, and I remember having my face stuck against the car window, trying to make out the Acropolis hiding behind the buildings. It was like going on a safari and trying to track down a rare beast!

He recently scored an apartment with a view of the Parthenon, which felt strangely life-affirming, as if the universe finally made sense.

Looking at that elaborate pile of rock change colours at dawn is a magical experience. I’m still fascinated by the Acropolis and everything it stands for.

Sounio, 2015. Photo by Kiriakos Spirou.

The End of Spring 
Kiriakos Spirou, 2012

Childhood longing fulfilled, he’s currently busy with more pedestrian pursuits, like contributing to Athens-based webzine Yatzer and feeding his cats. Kiriakos is a natural-born writer, who prefers to engage with the world through verse and note, rather than meaningless talk. Currently on his 10th year in Athens, he enjoys the privileges of a native Greek speaker, but stills reserves the right to feel like a foreigner whenever the fancy takes him. Can you guess where he comes from?


Despina Pavlaki

Kiriakos Spirou
Pavlos Mavridis

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