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MYKONOS: Bohemian Sanctuary
If someone has never heard of Greece before, tell them “Mykonos” and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about! Whether a tireless party-goer or one seeking to immerse in tranquility and minimal Cycladic beauty, the island is the perfect place for you throughout the season.
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Paraportiani Church. Photo by Nikos Korodimos.

Once inhabited only by fishermen and goatherds, the rocky island of Mykonos boomed in the 1960’s, when a crowd of educated bohemians turned it into a jet-setter’s Mecca: artists, businessmen, movie stars, fashion designers, models and socialites brushed shoulders in its narrow streets, and fishermen’s cottages quickly turned into diamond boutiques, fine art galleries and exclusive clubs. Luckily, the allure and glamour of that era persists to this day, since the bohemians from the 1960’s now have their homes here, and Mykonos is still the most popular destination for celebrities, art collectors, moguls and creatives from all around the world.


Ag. Kiriaki’s, Delos
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Virgin Mary’s, Tragonisi
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Panagia Tourliani, Ano Mera
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Secluded beach. Photo by Nikos Korodimos.

RocketNumberNine & Four Tet, 2012

In the main town of Hora one will find everything, whether you’re up for partying till the wee hours or relaxing at a laid-back seaside lounge. Decades of being the favourite spot of a more discerning crowd have turned Mykonos into a place where bespoke service and authentic experiences are the norm. Although in the summertime the heat can be too intense and moving around during the day is not recommended, one can discover a completely different Mykonos in spring, with flower-covered hills and traditional Greek Easter celebrations in Hora and the island’s only village, Ano Mera.

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The Terrace of the Lions, dedicated to Apollo, Delos Island.

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Little Venice

If you want to steer away from the crowded beaches and the paparazzi in the south part of the island, head to the less frequented beaches of Agios Sostis, Fokós and Panormos in the north —though before you go, make sure the wind is not blowing from the north, otherwise the sea will be too rough to enjoy a swim. Right next to Mykonos is the islet of Delos, the ancient world’s most sacred site, around which you can sail in a private boat tour and swim in the azure waters of its coves. Once back in Hora, discover highly-collectable contemporary art in international-calibre galleries, or visit the island’s small yet well-kept archaeological museum.


Kiriakos Spirou

Cover photo
Nikos Korodimos

Nikos Korodimos
Courtesy Kivotos Mykonos

Music curator
Chris Ouzounis


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