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NOMAS Magazine #5: to Travel Is to Be Human
For its fifth issue, Greek-published biannual travel mook NOMAS takes a more conceptual path and reflects on the nature —and necessity— of human mobility.

Published and printed in Greece by a team of talented professionals, NOMAS magazine is perhaps the only Greek magazine that brings together travel, street photography, fashion and art in one, luxurious volume. Its publisher, Yannis Bournias, is a photographer who originally studied fine arts in London before dedicating himself to photography —hence his inquisitive spirit, keen eye for all things creative and explorer's enthusiasm. For its fifth issue, NOMAS breaks away from its motif of presenting one city per issue (the previous being Athens, Istanbul, Porto and Paris), and focuses instead on the theme of "transit", and on how humans move, what moves them and how mobility has been part of human history for millennia.

According to Yannis Bournias, this issue's theme came as a response to the migration and refugee crisis that's currently underway in the Eastern Mediterranean, a problem particularly felt all across Greece, from its easternmost islands to its Balkan borders. "The war in Syria has caused the largest mobilisation of populations since the [1910's] Turkish-Greek Exchange", says Yannis. "We can't turn our back to this. Also, moving around is something we've always done: if you look back at history, humans have been migrating since their first days on Earth."

From Palestinian refugees and exiled intellectuals to gypsies and digital nomads, NOMAS issue 5 explores this complex and multifaceted matter through interviews, contemporary art, fashion and literature. Flipping through the pages of the 120-page issue you'll come across jaw-dropping photography from Cyprus, Palestine, Greece, London and elsewhere, as well as thought-provoking interviews with prominent personalities such as exiled Syrian writer Najati Tayara, the philosopher Michel Serres and poet and painter George Kakoulidis. Perhaps the most diverse and artistically cohesive NOMAS to date, this "Transit" issue is above all a magazine that's meant to be read, and definitely a publication to keep for years to come.


Kiriakos Spirou


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