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Illustrating Greece: A Calendar by Hartovasileion and Studio Bob
Put your knowledge of Greek culture to the test with this whimsically illustrated calendar featuring cultural traits that can only be found in Greece. Fasolada, anyone?

Based out of Athens and London, Bob is an independent design studio specialising in branding and packaging design that cheerfully combines visual retro references with present-day needs and aesthetics. When they’re not busy working for their many clients (which include Unilever, Delta Foods and a swarm of brisk, up-and-coming Greek startups), the creative partners at Bob engage with more artistic projects, like for example illustrating this colourful 2016 calendar for Greek company Hartovasileion (Paperkingdom). Bob did its first calendar with Hartovasileion back in 2013, which was themed after unique Greek-patented inventions; for the 2016 edition, the studio revisits and expands on that theme with a series of Greek patents combined with a collection of things that can only be found in Greece. Verging on the absurd, the patented inventions the designers found registered at the Ministry of Commerce include a self-electroshock device and a toilet that generates energy, and were illustrated with a deserving dose of humour. As for the list of things and landmarks that can only be seen in Greece, it includes the traditional fasolada (boiled beans in tomato sauce), the periptero (a type of stand-alone kiosk selling newspapers and cigarettes) and of course the iconic and world-famous sunset at Santorini.


Kiriakos Spirou

Bob Studio


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