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CHRIS OUZOUNIS: Fantasy is a place where it rains
He's what you'd call a digital artist and loves the smell of vinyl: he's Chris, EPITOME's senior graphic designer and the mastermind behind every aspect of the platform's visuals.
M, 26, 1.85, 89, Daydreamer
Identity reissued

Chris loves music, VSCO (as in the photo-editing software) and shiny happy adidas superstar trainers. His full name is Christos and he likes the smell of vinyl for some complicated reason (childhood, dad, blah blah blah) nobody wants to hear. He does however command full attention with his magnificent visuals and we believe he’s well on his way to becoming graphic design royalty. Chris is a minimalist in more ways than one:

I love Sundays

See what I mean? He also loves dreaming of all the places he hasn’t experienced, all the pictures he hasn’t taken and all the graphics he hasn’t designed. That’s what gets him out of bed and into his peach adidas superstars in the morning. His favorite time of day is cocktail hour and he’s an amateur photographer with some serious potential. His latest photo series comes with a near-incomprehensible caption that he insisted we include in his profile: “15 snapshots on mute: a photographic negotiation of the cosmic and the otherworldly. A documentation of a fragmented environment that, just like a dream, requires silence to get rolling.”

My bike (sayCet remix) 
Sydeny Valette, 2016

He’s otherwise a very easy-going person and his favorite memory is riding around the lakeside city of Kavala on his aunt’s bicycle. He hasn’t been able to find anyone to replace its ancient tires since he moved to Athens.


Despina Pavlaki

Chris Ouzounis

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