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Extroverted, enthusiastic and in love with his hometown of Athens, Giorgos Roumeliotis uses photography as a way to capture beauty in the big city.

Giorgos is a genuine citizen of the world: born in Greece, he has lived in Eastern Africa and Cyprus before relocating in Athens 20 years ago. Since then, he hasn't stopped traveling, mainly because of his job as a sales manager at an international hotel chain. His passion for photography and his extroverted character have led him on social media, where he posts regularly his well-composed photos from Athens and the cities he visits.

Photography is for me an escape from everyday life, a living dream as well as what reality looks like through my eyes.

His Instagram feed @city_z3n is a visual journal of his travels, jumping from one place to another: one moment you're in Dubai, then in Athens, then in New York. "I'm attracted to cities", he admits. "Urban centres are the absolute expression of a society's structure and way of thinking." What is remarkable with Giorgos’s project however is its visual and thematic consistency, which creates the impression of one place, one continuous cityscape that transcends geography. In a way, his work is a tribute to the urban —a ceaseless exploration of how architecture in fact reflects its makers.

Athens is my favourite city because it evokes intense emotions. Our city combines history, the sea, a lot of nightlife and beautiful areas for walking. The sense of freedom Athens gives is unique and I haven’t felt anything similar anywhere in the world.


Kiriakos Spirou

Giorgos Roumeliotis

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