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TINOS MARBLE TRAIL EXOMERIA: Mountain Running Along Ancient Paths
Don't miss this one-day sports event on Tinos, where the island's vast and ancient network of mountain trails becomes Greece's most inspiring running track for a day.

Mountain running is no easy sport, but those who have the stamina to run up the rocky hillsides know that it's a really unique way of discovering a land and its views. Add the breathtaking landscape of Tinos to the mix and you have a mountain-running event that's not to be missed. Tinos Marble Trail: Exomeria is a one-day event where experienced and amateur runners are invited to test their skill on the ancient trails that cover the entire island. Exomeria is how locals call the northwestern part of the island where the village of Pyrgos is, a stunning landscape that is completely filled with stone terraces and paths going up and down the hills, but also wind along the coast. The running event offers three different categories: the 22-km-long Ismail track (for seasoned runners), the less demanding 5-km Myloi Trail, and the 1-km Pyrgos Run for children. Whether you're up for the challenge or not, visiting Pyrgos on the 4th of September will definitely be a memorable experience filled with the excitement of a unique sporting event, made in Tinos!

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Polis Ioannou

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