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EROSANTORINI: A Private Estate Overlooking the Caldera
This well-designed private estate is literally perched at the edge of Santorini’s majestic caldera, and offers the kind of bespoke hospitality that holiday dreams are made of.
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Santorini, with never-before privacy. Luxury, without pretense. An intimate escape, made to order just for you.

There are few places in the world as spectacular and breathtaking as Santorini. Bathed in the majestic light of the Cyclades, the island is one of the most visited in the world, and famous for its dramatic sunsets and volcanic landscape. Its crescent shape and steep caldera cliff are the result of a massive volcanic eruption that happened 3,600 years ago —an explosion of such force and magnitude that its smoke reached as far as China, according to the Bamboo Annals of the Xia Dynasty at least. Today, donkeys carry visitors from the Old Port up to the island’s capital, Fira, and lava-infused vineyards produce crisp and delicate wines that are savoured all around the globe.

Complete Privacy, Seclusion
A Private Estate - 4 Suites and 1 Bungalow
Peerless Indulgence, Yoga with a view,
All Year Round

Paola Navone has brought her prodigious gifts to EROSANTORINI, creating open-air “salons” that exude an effortless barefoot chic.

In this picture-perfect setting, nature plays the starring role

Perched on the very edge of the caldera and boasting unlimited views of the island and the Aegean, a new private estate opened its doors in 2016 to holiday-makers who wish to enjoy Santorini at their own pace and according to their own moods and desires. Embracing the values and ideals of Greek hospitality to their fullest, EROSANTORINI ensures that its guests relax and feel at home with a virtually limitless list of services provided by a dedicated, in-house team of professionals led by an executive host and concierge.

Santorini may be the excuse, but EROSANTORINI will be the reason why your next visit to Greece will be one to remember for many years to come.

Quintessentially Greek - In this picture-perfect setting, nature plays the starring role.

Conceived and designed by Athens-based x2 Architecture

The Estate’s four private suites, are thoughtfully laid out to maximize communality and glorious views no matter where you are, inside or out.

Naturally, food and wine take centre-stage: Chef Dimitris is always present, preparing delicious meals using the freshest materials from the estate’s vegetable garden or from the Greek sea . Guests are invited to ask the Chef to show them the secrets of Greek cooking in the kitchen, or join him on one of his trips to the fish market where he buys the best fish and seafood from the day’s catch. Guests can also ask the concierge to arrange more activities outside the estate, such as scuba diving, a visit to an archaeological site, wine tasting and more. 

The best of Greek gastronomy, made to order and prepared with the freshest homegrown ingredients.

EROSANTORINI is a place as magical and full of character as the island it rests on. Surrounded by two acres (8,000 sq. meters) of private land, the estate can accommodate up to 10 adults and four children in its four suites, one of which is a fully detached bungalow allowing for even more privacy. The suites include marble-clad bathrooms, radiant-floor heating and cosy lounging areas with fireplaces. The estate’s common areas are equally tasteful and were designed to satisfy every need and desire, from a fully-equipped spa and outdoor cooking and dining area to an open-air home-cinema, a communal dining area, a pool cave, a yoga and pilates terrace, and even a jogging track that runs the estate’s perimeter. Designed by celebrated international designer Paola Navone, the whole estate features creative touches that enhance its cubist-inspired minimalism and Mediterranean simplicity: tiered terraces lead down to the largest infinity pool on the island, while carpet designs are painted on the concrete floor as a playful way to bring a sense of cosiness and of being at home to the sun-drenched outdoors. 

Light, joyful, serene—this is how we want our guests to feel here. Our design is inspired by the setting: timeless and pure. —Paola Navone

The epitome of contemporary Mediterranean sophistication decorated by acclaimed Italian designer Paola Navone

Paola Navone, recognized worldwide for brilliantly melding a modern design aesthetic with local materials and traditional handicrafts

The epitome of contemporary Mediterranean sophistication

Impeccable design provides an elegant cameo.

A stay at EROSANTORINI is never the same, since every guest is spoilt for choice with the endless ways you can customise your stay all year round, whether you’re spending a holiday with your significant other or arranging your wedding to take place at the estate’s private chapel with your closest of friends and family.


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