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Industrial: an Exhibition about Santorini’s Forgotten Past and Unknown Present
27 artists reflect on local history and the mysterious aura of Santorini’s abandoned industrial spaces at the exhibition “Industrial” at SAF, open through 5 May 2016.

Photo by Vaggelis Paravas, courtesy of SAF.

Inspired by the strong presence of the industrial sector in the non-residential parts of the island of Santorini, the exhibition “Industrial” is a group exhibition that explores issues of historical memory and its collective aspect. Through photography, sculpture and painting by 27 artists, the exhibition comes in dialogue with the industrial space that hosts it, namely the Santorini Arts Factory, thus integrating the building’s aura and “historical inertia” as a preserved and repurposed historical building.

09.04.2016 - 05.05.2016
Santorini Arts Factory

Nikos Rigopoulos, from the series "Under the volcano and on the way to cillyvization". Photo by Nikos Rigopoulos, courtesy of SAF.

Katonas Asimis, Burst. Oil on canvas. Photo courtesy of SAF.

Antonis Eleftherakis, With Just One Click. Digital print. Photo courtesy of SAF.

Participating artists present works that approach the issue from different perspectives, either through the depiction of abandoned industrial infrastructure, the re-imagining of local prehistory or poignantly capturing the reinvention of traditional architecture for touristic and commercial purposes.


Kiriakos Spirou

Courtesy of SAF



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