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EXHIBITION: Iznik – A Fascination with Ceramics
The exhibition focuses on the ceramics of the Ottoman period and specifically of the 16th century production from the city of Iznik in Asia Minor.
06/10/2017 - 19/11/2017
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00
MUSEUM OF ISLAMIC ARTBenaki Museum of Islamic Art - 22 Ag. Asomaton & 12 Dipilou Street

Decorated with bright colours and vibrant designs, these ceramics have been admired and sought after during their time as well as during the 19th century and are considered one of the best achievements in the history of ceramics.

Publication: Émille Prisse d’Avennes, L’Art arabe d’après les monuments du Kaire depuis le VIIe siècle jusqu’a la fin du XVIIIe siècle, Paris 1869-1877. Benakis Museum

Publication: Owen Jones, The Grammar of Ornament, Λονδίνο 1856. Benakis Museum

The exhibition presents the interest of Europeans in the 19th century, the gradual formation of collections, early studies and the revival of the style in the workshops of Europe, Turkey and Greece. A section is devoted to Greek ceramics of the 20th century that were inspired by Iznik designs, with particular reference to the workshops of "Kutahya-Athens", "Kerameikos" and "Icaro Rodi".

For the first time, selected ceramics from the collection of the Benaki Museum are presented as well as rare publications from the personal library of Antonis Benakis, the founder of the museum.

'The Magic of Iznik Ceramic' is in dialogue with the exhibition ‘ICARO - IKAROS’,  which is devoted to the ceramic workshop of Rhodes between 1928-1988', and takes place at the same time at the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture (1, Koumbari st).



Polis Ioannou

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