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EXHIBITION: Clarity of Shapes – Celebrating 50 years of Minas Designs
Six Decades of Making Beauty: Minas Opens Much-Deserved Retrospective at the Benaki Museum. Presenting a series of 40 portrait photos by the charismatic photographer Costas Coutayar.
5-8 September 2018
Thu & Sun 10:00-18:00 Fri & Sat 10:00-22:00
Benaki Museum, Pireos 138, Athens 118 54

Celebrating his 80th birthday this year, jewellery designer Minas is one of Greece’s living treasures. Born in Athens in 1938, he began designing for Vourakis, then jeweller to the Greek royal court, and later on he spent nine years designing for Georg Jansen. In his thirties he lived in New York City for a decade before returning back to his home country, with which he is deeply enamoured. His love for music and free spirit have made him some really special friends, some of whom are legendary rock stars.

Harmony preexists in every one of us, since each of us hides within himself the need for harmony

To celebrate this unique anniversary, Minas Studio is organising an exhibition at the Benaki Museum in Athens, where the designer will present eight of his favourite creations inside special glass vitrines also designed by him. To accompany this symbolic showcase of a lifetime’s work, Minas has collaborated with Greek photographer Costas Coutayar, who took over forty portraits of friends, fans and models wearing Minas’s creations. The exhibition will be complemented by a 96-page catalogue that richly illustrates the designer’s work and philosophy, as well as a special video that will present an overview of his career.


Kiriakos Spirou

Costas Coutayar

Curated by
Eleni Athanasiou

05 Sept 2018, at 20:00


Polis Ioannou

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