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The Collectible Collage Prints of Philippos Theodorides
With their playful collage aesthetic, well-balanced forms and bright colours, the illustrations of Athens-based painter Philippos Theodorides are a dream-like take on the unique architectural landscape of Athens.

From magazines and book illustrations to posters and prints, Philippos’ illustrations are perhaps what the artist is best known for, and combine some of his favourite analogue techniques —such as stencils and drawing— with digital manipulation and editing. His illustrations are a natural evolution from his vibrant painted canvases, and have won the artist several awards and nominations, including a nomination in this year’s prestigious Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards (EBGE).

My work has a lot to do with the Mediterranean. My starting point is the little vignettes we find around the city, in front of houses and particularly on the balconies: although Athens is a rather brutal city, every person has a little corner that he takes care and keeps alive, usually with pots of plants.

A self-confessed admirer of pop art and naïf folk art, Philippos’ illustrations are intentionally abstract and surreally layer buildings, colours and objects. As the artist explains, this has to do with his impression of the city itself: “I was always interested in architecture, especially the urban landscape. In Athens for example, there is no perspective, no order in the buildings, it looks as if things were built on top of each other. I try through my illustrations to put things in order, to redefine the landscape, to make it my own.”


Kiriakos Spirou

Philippos Theodorides


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