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ELOUNDA GULF VILLAS: Ultimate Relaxation
Elounda Gulf Villas is the only place on earth that could entice workaholics to forsake their career in favor of inner peace, skilled massages and a killer view. Consider yourselves warned!
35D 14' 28.64", 25D 43' 41.82"
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35D 14' 28.47", 25D 43' 41.80"

Incredible sea view of the Mirabello Bay from the Presidential Spa Villa.

Over-stressed workaholics beware! There does exist a mythical place that could prompt you to forsake your career mid-stride, in favor of inner peace and skilled massages —not to mention a sparkling blue bay, stretching out as far as the eye can see. The name of this perilous place is Elounda Gulf Villas and the most dangerous accommodation option, offering over-the-top pampering and deep muscle relaxation, is the massage suite. Consider yourselves warned: your life is about to change.

18 Private Villas & 15 Suites
Ultimate Relaxation
Spring, Summer, Autumn
50min from Herakleion Airport (HER)
Mesa Pigadakia, Schisma Eloundas, 720 53, Crete
35D 14' 28.47", 25D 43' 41.80"

Breakfast time at the Massage Suite

35D 14' 28.47", 25D 43' 41.80"

Interiors designed for relaxation in mind.

35D 14' 28.47", 25D 43' 41.80"

Terraces offering privacy and breathtaking views.

35D 14' 28.47", 25D 43' 41.80"

Massage Suites ​offering an exclusive ambiance of a private home.

But let’s get the practical stuff out of the way first. Elounda Gulf Villas is located on the northeastern coast of Crete, just 1 km away from the quaint fishing village of Elounda and a 10-minute drive from its very own beach club. A high priestess of hospitality in her own right, Anna Kadianaki discreetly presides over this beautiful family-run boutique hotel, constantly on the lookout for interesting local accents to enhance her guests’ experience.

Private beach club. Independent retreat in a unique beachfront location.

Accommodation starts at Deluxe Senior Suite level —your own private one-bedroom paradise outfitted with marble floors and tromp l'oeil hand-painted ceilings— and goes all the way up to the Royal Spa Villa, a sprawling 4-bedroom property with dizzyingly luxurious features and a private, heated pool. Now you know what to do as soon as city life crosses the acceptable stress thresholds, or the siren call of the Greek summer is just too strong to ignore!


Despina Pavlaki

Courtesy Elounda Gulf Villas


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