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Spetsathlon 2016
Combine your Greek Easter holiday with a late-spring visit to Spetses for Spetsathlon, a triathlon taking place along the island's scenic routes and one of Greece's largest sports events.

This fascinating triathlon event makes the heart of Spetses beat faster, as local and international athletes compete in running, swimming and biking along the island’s scenic routes. The paradisiacal pine forests and rocky coves of Spetses become the perfect background for this celebration of sportsmanship, endurance and speed, which is in fact one of the biggest sports events in Greece.

13.05.2016 - 15.05.2016

The main race is surrounded by a whole host of other events and activities, and even a pre-race training weekend with expert trainers. Mid-May is also an ideal time to visit the island, since the summer heat has still to set in, the hills are green and you can have the beaches all to yourself.


Konstantina Alexopoulou

Courtesy Poseidonion Grand Hotel



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