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An iconic hotel in the heart of Spetses and a symbol of the island’s proud heritage and halcyon days since 1914, Poseidonion is as much as ever a beacon of understated luxury and warm hospitality.
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Coordinates redefined
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Echoing the chic Spetses vibe.

The boat was scudding across the waters of the Saronic and as the Spetses port stood out, so did too the majestic Poseidonion: right on the corner of the eye first, then proudly standing out in all its past and current glory as we approached the big promenade right by its entrance. Of all of Spetses big draws, opting to stay at the Poseidonion has got to be the most indulgent and surely well-deserved way to go. Climb up the steps and join the breezy terrace for an afternoon drink and a spectacular view, or check in to your room first and get a feel of Poseidonion’s beautifully preserved architecture.

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​Architectural finesse​.

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​The Veranda's menu strikes the perfect balance between the familiar and the fresh.

Echoing the chic Spetses vibe all the way, the Poseidonion rooms are dreams of soothing warmness and light, and the courteous staff will make sure there’s nothing missing from your comforting stay.  From the gargantuan breakfast that celebrates all that is local, fresh and amazingly Greek, to its delicious seafood lunches and dinners, there’s really something to suit every palate here. On a random day when we felt like biking around and exploring Spetses more, we were pleasantly treated to a little picnic basket that served us all too well throughout the morning.

Cultivated Beauty
52 Rooms
Spa, Fitness centre, Restaurant
Spring, Summer, Autumn
2,5 hrs drive from Athens Airport (ATH) + 5min ferry crossing
Dapia, 180 50, Spetses
37D 16' 06.47", 23D 09' 19.57"

Contemporary luxury meets old world glamour​.

37D 16' 06.47", 23D 09' 19.57"

Room with a view​.

And if you happen to be in Spetses around April, the Tweed Run organised by Poseidonion will make for some unmissable fun. It’s a supremely stylish bike run with a tweed dress code that really is the quintessential way to rejoice on your choice of stay. There’s also a divine spa at Poseidonion so you can always reward yourself after a day’s cycling -not that you needed much excuse anyway. This is after all the hotel to be, if leisurely undertones of low-key luxury and relaxation sound like your ideal holiday plan.


Alexandra Matheou

Poseidonion Grand Hotel


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