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EXHIBITION: Trails of Memories
Trails of Memories is a cross-disciplinary and manifold survey focusing on the part of the city that is situated between the Municipal Gardens and Moussallas, a district that during the early 20th century became Pafos’ epicentre of immense urban landscape development.
Saturday 27 October – Saturday 11 November 2017
MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9:00 – 15:00 SATURDAY: 10:00 – 13:00 SUNDAY AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS (28TH Oct): Closed
PAFOS MUNICIPAL GALLERY - 7 Gladstonos Str, 8046, Paphos, Cyprus

Dialogue (2017), Video, 7min 11sec. Ritsa Antoniadou - Economou. Interview / video recording: Arianna Economou, video editing: Justyna Ataman, sound editing: Sofoklis Sofocleous.

This landscape diminishes fast –even before the foundation of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960– leaving behind and bequeathing a sense of desolation, deconstruction and desertion.  This almost vacant habitat in the Old Town emerges as the echo of a bygone societal and cultural reality. Trails of Memories negotiates notions of archaeology, historical consciousness, personal and collective memory, human geography, gender relations, transition, abandonment and unavoidable evolution.

Trails of Memories Exhibition Detail

Trails (2017), three-channel video on TV screens channel 1: Tombs, 3mins 40sec channel 2: Walk, 4mins 4sec channel 3: Foxtrot, 1min 8sec performance: Arianna Economou and team (Hasine Felek, Nandia Georgiadou, Mikaela Michael, Natalie Tsingis) video recording / editing: Yiannos Economou Tombs video editing: Justyna Ataman curator: Kostas Prapoglou

Exhibition Detail: Memories (2017), video, 6min 10sec Video editing: Yiannos Economou Research & curator: Kostas Prapoglou

The project will interface multiple scopes of memory through the experimentation of choreographer Arianna Economou and her team with space but concurrently activating the personal memories of inhabitants who lived and continue to live in the area of old Pafos. The inactive townhouses of the area (and also those that today are being re-used for other purposes such as restaurants, etc.) represent the memory that has uncontrollably began to be superseded by an ideological as well as a diverse economical status quo, while at the same time the semi-derelict buildings stand like vanishing traces desperately declaring “we were also here”. The conceptual mapping of the history of Pafos’ city centre expresses a wider phenomenon –a praxis of transition– also found in innumerable other urban city centres on an international scale which experience the same transition of historical memory and a flux towards something new. This is an ambivalent evolution process that leads to an amalgamation of generations, history, culture, ideology and dialectical materialism.

Images 1&2 Trails of Memories opening performance Director / choreographer: Arianna Economou Performers: Hasine Felek, Nandia Georgiadou, Michail Kriembardis, Harry Koushos, Mikaela Michael, Natalie Tsingis

An exhibition with archival and audiovisual material (written texts, photographs, recorded narrations) at the Pafos Municipal Gallery (27 October – 11 November) will coincide with the previous events and will take visitors on a journey in space and time. Three solo performances by Arianna Economou taking place at the same venue (4, 7, 11 November) will investigate through her underlying interactive relationship with the exhibited material her own personal experiential memory.


Director/ Choreographer
Arianna Economou

Exhibition Curator & Artistic Consultant
Dr. Kostas Prapoglou

Director of Production : Pantelis Georgiou

Video Artist: Yiannos Economou

Harry Koushos, Michail Kriembardis, Natalie Tsingis, Hasine Felek, Mikaela Michael, Nadia Georgiadou


Polis Ioannou

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