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EXHIBITION: “to the right” – Solo Exhibition by Andreas Mallouris
Koraï project space invites you to the first solo exhibition of Andreas Mallouris, “to the right”. Focusing on definitions of “maleness” as its main theme, the exhibition brings together a series of works that act as crossings between expression and construction of Cypriot masculinity.
1st - 25th June 2017
Wednesday - Saturday 6.00-8.00pm, Or by appointment
6-8 Adamantiou Korai str, (Archbishop Palace area)
35D 10' 19.34", 33D 22' 01.69"

Brute Chapter- Funny Hey

Masculinity is not “monolithic”; it is rather a complex manifestation of several patterns of display, developed amongst historical periods, societies and social class designations. Masculinity is a construct that prevails through collective conventions and attributed in forms which are honored by hierarchical and hegemonic expressions. Within the Cypriot society, masculinity has its own characteristics, shaped by the heated political climate of the past decades.

35D 10' 19.34", 33D 22' 01.69"

Mauvais Garcon, Detail

35D 10' 19.34", 33D 22' 01.69"

Mauvais Garcon

For his first solo exhibition, Andreas Mallouris presents a series of site specific installations, incorporating a variety of materials, linked together into a staging where the notion of masculinity is raised for discussion. The methodology is relevant to the anatomical dissection aiming to the exposure of the subcutaneous layers of different elements that correlate and interact with the surface- image. By distancing himself from representations of victimization, Mallouris adopts a position where he raises for consideration the myths, stereotypes and how these are imposed through direct or indirect methods.

35D 10' 19.34", 33D 22' 01.69"

Δεν (σε) ξεχνώ, steal work

35D 10' 19.34", 33D 22' 01.69"

Specimen- Subcutaneous to dermis, Verhoeff stain, Vol.1a

Andreas Mallouris and KORAI Project

Andreas Mallouris was born in Nicosia. He graduated from Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University School of Medicine specializing in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. He is a holder of doctoral degree by Democritus University of Alexantroupoli and currently works as plastic surgeon in the private sector. Since 2015 he has been enrolled at the BA (Hons) Fine Arts programme of the University of West of England which is delivered by Alexander College in Larnaca. During the past years, he has participated in various group exhibitions while in 2016 he has co-founded korai project space in Nicosia where he will be presenting “to the right”, his first solo exhibition.


Polis Ioannou

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