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EXHIBITION: ‘Postcards from Cyprus’ by TWOFOURTWO
"Postcards from Cyprus" is an ongoing activity of the last 3 years, which initially derived from the critical stance that 242 took from the current socio-political situation of Cyprus since the financial crisis of 2013 and the aftermath caused by the collapse of the banking system.
15 November - 1 December 2017
The work of 242 kicked off as a very personal need to explore the notion of togetherness, the self and the other. The work had evolved and had been shaped to investigate the notion of the private and the public, the personal and the common, the domestics and the international.

242 use appropriation in their oeuvre. They have used and reinvented new concepts from numerous industrial signs that came down from bankrupted business as a result of the financial crisis. Additionally they re-contextualized the work, by twisting the meaning of these signs in order to re-create new names/words that promote a critical view of the current situation in Cyprus. It is a twister as well as a combination of text and image, which illustrates the daily routine in Cyprus through the concept of consumerism, greed and megalomania; concepts, which can then be extended into a sociological study towards identity and belonging. The latest work, uses touristic images from Cyprus in juxtaposition with the text "care for u" which is a twister of the Carrefour sign, one of the latest casualties of Cyprus' and Greece's crippling recession.

The new juxtaposition of word and image - smirks at the viewer and confirms that Cyprus cares for you. It is a paradox as well as a huge antithesis of semeiological meanings, which can extend to various other interpretations. 242 set various queries through their "Postcards from Cyprus". They are loyal to their visual vocabulary, which involves interdisciplinary practices through industrialized objects and installations and negotiate the notion of a country as a "patria", as a home, as a refuge or as a holiday destination. Parallel to this, they offer new questionings. Is the financial crisis the "New Cyprus Problem"? Are the words "occupied land" and "refugees" going to be replaced by the words "non-performing debts" and "unemployment"?


The TWO|FOUR|TWO art group embarked on a voyage of collaboration under the umbrella of the group. Deriving from different backgrounds; a visual artist and an architect - both parts explore their common experience to produce a visual base on which they can communicate, between themselves and with the viewers. The TWO|FOUR|TWO art group was formed on 21 August 1996 in Nicosia, Cyprus by Costas Mantzalos and Constantinos Kounnis. Since 1996 the TWO|FOUR|TWO art group has exhibited in Athens, Amsterdam, Dortmund, Erlangen, Melbourne, Nicosia, and participated in various exhibitions and events in Athens, Berlin, Frankfurt, Naples, New Delhi, Paris and Thess


Polis Ioannou

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