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EXHIBITION: Elias Kafouros – Incognito
Discover the latest body of work by Athens-based painter Elias Kafouros at Dio Horia Gallery in Mykonos, dealing with celebrity, identity and the visual power of the Greek landscape.

It's been a great season for Dio Horia, a young art platform that opened its doors last year and now hosts exhibitions from local and international artists as well as a sleek rooftop bar with picture-perfect views of the sunset and Mykonos port. Athens-based painter Elias Kafouros presents his latest solo show here, with a body of work inspired by the Greek landscape in summer and the beauty of the Aegean archipelago: "For this show" Kafouros explains, "I wanted to channel the sense I have when I experience the Greek summer, which is all about the sun, the colours, the smells, a sense of freedom - or even the feeling that all human worries are washed away by this incomparable beauty of nature in the islands".

8 - 27 July 2016
11:00-14:00 & 18:00-02:00
Panahra Square, Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Incognito 95x83x8cm Metal, acryla gouache on wood, 2016.

Panic room residency, 150x150x20cm digital print on cotton fabric, metal, 2016.

Face it, 78x63cm ink on archival paper, 2016.

As its title suggests, the exhibition also deals with issues of identity and concealment, inspired not only by the many celebrities flocking to the Greek islands and hiding from the paparazzis but also from the idea of the mask in general: "We all use masks in a figurative way, to protect ourselves from external pressure and undesirable interactions. And at the same time we use these masks in order to manipulate others or to appear more attractive and desirable. There is also the idea of camouflage, which is a military term. A masking of oneself into the landscape to become invisible to its inhabitants." With its underlying geometries, deft use of symmetry and kaleidoscopic imagery, "Incognito" is a perfect opportunity to see Kafouros' signature style of dream-like, over-detailed paintings from up close.



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