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The Enchanting, Handmade World of MINAS Mykonos Store
Greek jewel designer Minas likes to call Mykonos home. His store in Mykonos town is a cave of wonders, all made and designed by himself down to the last detail.

Situated on Agia Kiriaki Square, a stone's throw from Mykonos' old port, is the Mykonos shop of Greek goldsmith and designer Minas. WIth two other shops in Athens and London Knightsbridge, Minas is known the world over for his unique, fluid designs and deep understanding of how our bodies move and feel. Occupying an impressive former mansion with a colonnaded front porch, the shop opened in 1998 and was completely designed by Minas, from the door handles to the glass showcases —and the precious items inside them of course. Minas has been spending much of his time on the island since he bought his house there in 1987, and he's basically a local; if you're looking for the perfect treasure to take home as a souvenir from your Mykonian summer holiday, drop by the Minas store and you'll definitely find the perfect item for you or your friend back home.



Courtesy Minas Studio


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