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Liquid Antiquities: An Art Book on How Contemporary Art Looks Back into the Past
Published by DESTE Foundation, this gratifying publication takes a close and imaginative look into how ancient art has informed contemporary artists.

Χριστόδουλος Παναγιώτου, Mauvaises Herbes (λεπτομέρεια), 2015. Επιδαπέδιο μωσαϊκόμε φυσική πέτρα, 250 x300 εκ. Ευγενικήπαραχώρηση:Rodeo, London, καιkamel mennour, Paris. Photo: Aurélien Mole/Cyprus Pavilion.© ΧριστόδουλοςΠαναγιώτου.

Σκυμμένη Αφροδίτη, ρωμαϊκό αντίγραφο 1ου-2ουαι. μ.Χ.από ελληνιστικό μπρούτζινο πρωτότυπο π. 250-200 π.Χ. Βρέθηκε στο Sainte-Colombe, Isère, Γαλλία. Μάρμαρο, ύψος 96 εκ. Μουσείο του Λούβρου, Παρίσι. Photo: © RMN-GrandPalais(MuséeduLouvre)/Hervé Lewandowski.

It's hard to ignore the ancient past in Greece, and contemporary art is not exempt of antiquity's permeating influence. A project by DESTE Foundation and the Benaki Museum in collaboration with the Postclacissisms network of Princeton University, Liquid Antiquities is a hybrid artistic and academic programme that involves a publication curated by Brooke Holmes and Karen Marta, and a video installation inside the Benaki Museum in Athens designed by the studio of Diller Scofidio + Renfro. The exhibition features large video screens where visitors can see and hear the artists Matthew Barney, Paul Chan, Urs Fischer, Jeff Koons, Asad Raza, and Kaari Upson discuss their practice and how it relates to ancient cultures.

UrsFischer, OldPain, 2007. Γύψος, χρώμα, βίδα, κόλλαπολυουρεθάνης, σύρμα, 26 x25 x15 εκ. Άποψη εγκατάστασης, PalazzoGrassi, Βενετία, 2012. ΑπότηνέκθεσηUrsFischer,MadameFisscher. ΣυλλογήJohn Kaldor, Σίδνεϊ. Φωτογραφία: Stefan Altenburger.© Urs Fischer.

“Bringing together artists, classicists, critics, historians, political theorists, and philosophers, the book, edited by Holmes and Karen Marta, is a critical reflection on the fluid and open-ended relationship between antiquity and contemporary art.”

Jeff Koons, Bourgeois Bust—Jeff and Ilona, 1991. Μάρμαρο, 113 x 71.1x 53.3 εκ. © Jeff Koons.

Charles Ray, Aluminum Girl, 2003.Αλουμίνιο,χρώμα,158 x 47 x 29 εκ. ΕυγενικήπαραχώρησηMatthew Marks Gallery, ΝέαΥόρκη. Φωτογραφία: Joshua White.© CharlesRay.

CharlesRay, ShoeTie, 2012.Συμπαγές ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι,73 x74 x60 εκ.Ευγενική παραχώρηση:MatthewMarksGallery, Νέα Υόρκη.© CharlesRay.

Matthew Barney, Envelopa: Drawing Restraint 7 (manual) C, 1993(λεπτομέρεια). Μία από τρειςαργυροτυπίες με ζελατίνα,κάθεεκτύπωση33 x26.5 εκ. Harvard ArtMuseums/Fogg Museum.Photo: Imaging Department © Presidentand Fellows of Harvard College.

The book itself is full of vivid imagery that imaginatively juxtaposes ancient artworks with some by contemporary artists, to demonstrate the similarities in form and subject matter between the past and the present. Essays by artists, classicists, critics, historians, political theorists, and philosophers shed light into the subject, illuminating it from different angles and perspectives. The book also includes the interviews seen at the Benaki Museum exhibition, plus additional interviews with Haris Epameinonda, Christodoulos Panagiotou, Charles Ray and Adrián Villar Rojas.  Liquid Antiquities is available at museum shops and at DESTE Foundation in Athens, and is also available as a text-only edition in Greek.


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