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KATIKIA 2: A Charming Holiday Residence on Antiparos
An abandoned farmer’s house right in the middle of the island has been lovingly rebuilt and decorated, now acting as the ideal base for preparing your lazy sunbathing excursions by the sea.
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Coordinates redefined

In the Paros architectural vernacular, a “katikia” is a traditional rural dwelling made of several individual single-space buildings, each used for different functions pertaining to a quiet, rural farming life. In addition to sleeping and cooking areas, in a traditional katikia one would find a stable for sheep and horses, a granary, storage rooms and other specialised spaces, each housed in its own whitewashed cube and with doors to the main yard. Such a katikia was the foundation of this charming holiday house on the tranquil island of Antiparos, which was carefully rebuilt by an Athens-based architecture studio using traditional, local building techniques and materials. The house’s rough, white-washed exterior was finished entirely by hand to match the rugged wilderness all around, while its simple Cycladic geometry further adds to the peaceful and soothing summery ambience it provides.

2 Bedroomed Farmers House
Away from it all

Situated only a ten-minute drive south of Antiparos town, the house has two bedrooms, a kitchen-living room area, and a spacious outdoors lounge that is private enough due to the high stone wall surrounding the property. Right in the middle of the U-shaped house stands an old olive tree, looking as if the house was built around it and providing the best shade for enjoying a lazy afternoon coffee or chilled tea. A couple of kilometers to the west you will find Livadia, a small, calm beach and one of the island’s best, while to the east lies the more popular Glifa beach with its busy restaurants and cafes.


Kiriakos Spirou

Yiorgos Kordakis


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