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LOUISA NIKOLAIDOU: Photographing Light
Ever since she abandoned her corporate career to dedicate herself to photography, Louisa Nikolaidou has been criss-crossing continents, capturing the essence of places and the spirit of their peoples.

For Cypriot-born photographer Louisa Nikolaidou, life is constant motion. A passionate explorer that abandoned a career in management consulting for her love for photography, she’s never tired of discovering new places or rediscovering her favourite destinations afresh. Based in Athens since 1997, she’s an accomplished architecture, interiors and travel photographer boasting collaborations with some of the hospitality industry’s most prestigious names —but despite the kick she gets out of traveling and her prestigious portfolio, photography for her remains above all an art, and a “personal way of looking, seeing and expressing”, as she confesses.

For me, photography is all about light, lines and volumes, as well as my need to capture real moments in peoples’ lives: my passion for traveling and meeting new people and cultures is a continuous influence in my work.



Whether driving through the towering pillars of Meteora or chatting with elderly locals in Mykonos town, Louisa is pretty much in love with every corner of Greece. One of her favourite places however is Santorini, and for a very particular reason: “Santorini is famous for its sunset, but even at the ‘wrong time of the day’, at sunrise, there’s magic happening. As the sun rises from the other side of the island, you can see the light slowly coming into the Caldera, gradually lighting up every stone and house... This is Nature at its best!”

Apart from the magical sights she encounters on her travels, Louisa is also trying to capture the locals and how they live. “I think that travel photography is all about giving the essence of a destination: what does the food tastes like, how people smile, or what do locals usually do at 3pm.” Delicate, intimate and snatching the light in a very personal way, Louisa’s work certainly goes beyond the mundane demands of her day-time job; from Istanbul to Moscow, and India to Peru, she’s meticulously creating a visual diary of her travels, a shutter click at a time.


Kiriakos Spirou

Louisa Nikolaidou

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