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ANNA VERNARDOU: The Sublime is Disappointingly Elusive
With her background in film, culture and telling great stories, nobody could've taken up the task of coordinating EPITOME and designing bespoke travel experiences other than Anna Vernardou.
F, 40, 1.73, 59, Google girl
Identity reissued

Life imitating Kenzo. Photo by Despina Marcopoulou.

Anna comes from two islands in two different countries. Yup, you read that right. Her mom’s family hails from Ireland and her dad’s lineage can be traced back to Kythera (Greece). It’s also the one thing she has in common with author and all-around brilliant human being Lafcadio Hearn. That and her lifelong fascination with Japan. However, we’ll deliberate further on that point when she actually gets there - and no doubt she will, cause this girl is going places! Founder of experiential travel agency Bergamot, Anna spends her time orchestrating individual cultural experiences and large-scale events for EPITOME's select clientele. An urban adventure with a local artist? You got it! An elaborately mapped out itinerary for the latest episode of a luxury travel show? She’s your girl!

I love fieldwork! I studied film in Dublin and I’m always directing travel narratives in my head, even if it’s just for my friend’s next business trip. I always manage to slip something in!
Places to Go 
Leftover Cuties, Places to Go, 2011

Although her past professional life would make for a nail-biting roman-à-clef, spanning three different countries and some very interesting bosses, she prefers to keep the details close to her heart. Lucky for us, her loyalties still lie with Greece:

My idea of paradise is a whitewashed balcony overlooking the Aegean Sea and the tantalizing smell of wild figs and thyme.

Sounds like heaven!


Despina Pavlaki

Anna Vernardou
Despina Marcopoulou
Charis Babis

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