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ANDREAS ANDREOU: In development
A self-proclaimed "programming ninja" with the skills to prove the title true, Andreas is EPITOME's chief web developer and the person who makes sure each line of the website's code works perfectly.
M, 40, 1.84, 84, Ninja
Identity reissued

Andreas speaks in tongues. He’s a JavaScript ninja and is proficient in a good number of computer languages none of us understand. Like all thinkers of his caliber, he enjoys a good game of chess and has built his own app for gathering news and displaying games. He also claims to have built the necessary software to transmit tournaments online, but we haven’t been valiant enough to watch one. We did however rush to dig up his one and only movie cameo on science fiction short “Tugo-Tugo” (1998) by former college mate Alexis Alexiou. Since then, Alexiou has become something of a local celebrity, sweeping the Hellenic Film Academy Awards with his latest feature and enjoying a healthy reputation on the international festival circuit.


Find one's buttons

Dark Moon 
Andreas Andreou, 1999

Rumors have it, his rookie short will soon see the light of day, threatening to re-awaken Andreas’ latent acting talents. We can only hope that his key position at EPITOME will keep him grounded.

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