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Currently half way through writing her first feature film, Cypriot-born Alexandra Matheou is always looking for an excuse to jump on a plane and collect new stories for her journal.

Alexandra is a writer and filmmaker based in London. Born in Cyprus, she spent most of her childhood dreaming of moving to an even sunnier place, namely California. By age 10, she wrote her first novel in a notebook —a literary attempt that she claims can be accurately described as embarrassingly nonsensical— and later she got herself into a number of magazines working as a freelance contributor. Alexandra's ability to remain calm in bad situations is only rivalled by her ability to turn said situations into bemusing writing material, and her talent for lucidly transcribing experiences and emotions to the paper.

For me, Greece encapsulates happiness in its simplest shape and form: think of a hot summer in Paxoi riding a moped around the island after a lazy beach day, with a stopover for ice cream.
Bobby Hebb, Sunny, 1966

Since the year she took off to travel around the world, she hasn't stopped craving for more air miles, or constantly figuring out reasons and master plans to live someplace new. California still tops her list, but until then, she'd be happy to settle with New Orleans, Tokyo or Buenos Aires. Previously a Programming Coordinator for the Discovery Channel (a job that she says has greatly restored her faith in office jobs), she's spending these days working on her first feature script and resisting the urge to procrastinate till the end of time. Alexandra's not very good at telling the difference between North, South, East or West; but you can always trust her when it comes to finding which road will eventually lead to the sea.


Christiana Anastassiou
May 12, 2016 at 9:26 am

Perfect description of an exceptional person like Alexandra. Talented, sweet and beautiful. Just talking with her makes you dream!

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