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Art Spotlight: Paphos Cultural Capital of Europe 2017
The small city of Paphos shares the title of Cultural Capital of Europe with the Danish city of Aarhus for 2017, drawing attention and visitors from around the world with its international programme of performances and exhibitions.

Walking Around the city of Pafos

Music, dance, theatre and contemporary art were part of the official opening of Paphos Cultural Capital of Europe 2017, kicking off an impressive programme of exhibitions, performances, activities and other events that will activate the entire city over the coming months. For its official opening ceremony, Paphos 2017 invited British director Liz Pugh to direct a spectacle of dance, theatre and music inspired by the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea, with the participation of artists from Cyprus, the Middle East, Denmark and other European countries.

If only I could reach Cyprus, the land of Aphrodite, where love wonders, enchanting the hearts of mortals. If only I could reach the land of Pafos, that is fertile, without rainfall, as there are hundred springs of a foreign river. -Euripides, Bacchae

Ido Tadmor

Departing Mythologies

Open Air Factory

The entire programme of Paphos 2017 revolves around the concept of a "Open Air Cultural Factory", and seeks to transform the city into an open-air generator of culture and art all the while activating various locations and historical sites. Site-specific installations, pop-up concerts and events, and a truly international lineup of artists transform the otherwise relaxed resort city of Paphos into an exciting cultural destination that offers more than enough reasons to visit Cyprus this summer.

Visit the official website of Paphos 2017 for the full programme of events and venue information here!


Kiriakos Spirou

Courtesy Paphos 2017


Polis Ioannou

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