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The “Hellas Group” embarks on a journey to rediscover Greece
A group of synergistic companies focused on introducing “Greece’s Treasures” to a select global audience and to share the spirit and quality of Greek Culture, Hospitality and Gastronomy.
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A group of synergistic companies focused on introducing “Greece’s Treasures” to a select global audience and to share the spirit and quality of Greek Culture, Hospitality and Gastronomy. Among those entities are: the newly opened EROSANTORINI, the first private luxury estate on the island of Santorini; MY ODYSSEY the travel company that curates and delivers bespoke experiences for the discerning traveller visiting Greece, Italy and Southern Europe, ELAION Greece’s top olive oil; and HELLAS HOUSE, a Landmark Hellenic Cultural Centre in the heart of Shanghai.

Images Courtesy of Christos Drazos - an artist who treasures the intimacy of private emotions, and sees photography as a way of us understanding the world.

The unpredictable nature of his job is what makes it so exciting to begin with.

Every little event or mishap adds to the intricate tapestry of experiences he has been weaving so patiently through all these years

My Odyssey

Founded in 2012 by a group of friends that deeply believe in Greece and the values it stands for, the company has already fostered strong bonds between Greece and China, and is now ready to expand its activities worldwide.

Hellas Travel Lounge in the bustling Ayias Irinis Square

With offices in Athens, Rome and Shanghai, HELLAS GROUP  has just completed its very first travel lounge in Athens, housed inside a meticulously renovated 19th-century neoclassical townhouse designed by the famous German-Greek architect Ernst Ziller. Here, a team of insiders and travel connoisseurs are ready to welcome travelers, introduce them to well-hidden beauties and authentic experiences from Greece, and help them design the perfect vacation according to their own personal needs, ideas and wishes.

Escaping to a place where you feel immediately at home. On a breathtaking hilltop high above the tranquil sea, you are welcomed like family and pampered as a cherished guest. Free to do nothing but relax with your loved ones, in total privacy.

EROSANTORINI: The First Luxury Private Estate on Santorini

Dedicated to its mission of delivering the most exclusive and personalized travel experience to a high-end clientele visiting Greece, completed in 2016, EROSANTORINI, a private estate on Santorini that offers a truly exclusive hospitality experience overlooking the island’s dramatic caldera. Situated in Mesaria, the estate keeps a comfortable distance from the bustling towns of Fira and Oia, allowing for unparalleled privacy and seclusion on one of the world’s most-visited island destinations. Open throughout the year, the estate offers a whole range of experiences and services, including an in-house chef and concierge, all set within the architecture and interior design of celebrated international designer Paola Navone.




Cover Photo & EROSANTORINI Photos
Louisa Nikolaidou

Destination Photos
Christos Drazos


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