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Journeys Less Travelled by CUURATE
Cuurate is about a simpler way of life, opting for best in individuality and depth. Carefully crafted, we discover, design and deliver from the perfectly classic to the effortlessly quirky that breaks the prescribed rules of style and takes you on journeys less travelled
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Sri Lanka - Etwined with areas of stunning natural beauty in its enormously varied landscape


CUURATE offers bespoke travel services. Where travel is curated, real-time and experience-led with truly dedicated end-to-end service. Currently based in Sri Lanka - our services are carefully designed by insightful individuals with years of experience in personalized service and attention.

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GALLE - A thriving port long before colonial times and governed by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British at various periods the town boasts of diversity reflecting the heydays.

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Today, fort in Galle is the old part of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the best preserved colonial sea fortress in Asia.


Carefully crafted and designed to ensure each stay are in properties that generate the most authentic and enduring experiences. Personal and engaging experiences that showcase a new yet evolved kind of luxury by the means of getting off the beaten path without the sacrifice of privacy, exclusivity, comfort or allure.

With a history spanning over 3000 years this small tear shaped island formerly known as Ceylon dispels a rich multi-cultural heritage woven together with Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

Proud in local identity; fiercely distinct in culture and history.


The inaugural portfolio includes two unique destinations Maldives and Sri Lanka - by itself and combined. We hope to extend our services to the Indian Ocean Islands from Sri Lanka and Maldives to the Seychelles and Mauritius. Combining Sri Lanka’s varied landscape with the calming sounds of the ocean and snorkeling alongside turtles in the Maldives – we hope to combine rounds trips with short flights offering the best experiences in culture, wellness, heritage to relaxation on the beach around the Indian Ocean islands and expand our portfolio.


Proud in local identity; fiercely distinct in culture and history. Experience the breadth and variety of what the island has to offer. Fiercely distinct in culture and history; Sri Lanka offers a breadth and variety of experiences ranging from wildlife, wellness, beaches and archaeological treasures that have been packed into its small varied landscape.


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PERAHERA - Gasp in awe at the fire eaters, inhale wafting incense as traditional dancers, stilt walkers parade by as beats are relentlessly drummed and men crack whips.

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A unique symbol of Sri Lanka, the procession emanates an aura of holiness and mystic with its intense traditional local dancers and drummers.


Industry expertise, delivered with thought through attention to detail

Governed by simpler aesthetics and understated luxury

Collaborations with select numbers of service providers -meticulously curated

Backed by an Conglomerate of impeccable repute who’s been in business for over 160 years

Conglomerate’s travel arm is arguably the largest hospitality service provider in the Sri Lanka and Maldives - where it enables access to finest opportunities in the industry serviced by a team with a unmatched understanding of the global discerning traveller


Delivering a truly local perspective on exclusive and customized travel Experiences – we offer our services in

/ Tailor-made travel 
/ Bespoke events + exhibitions 
/ Private charter experiences ranging from rail to boat 
/ Bespoke wellness retreats 


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Consult our Hotel & Destination Experts. We are here to answer questions, help with accommodation requests, check group availability for events, parties and weddings or assist with sourcing artisans and bespoke service providers.

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