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Sunset Oia – Santorini by The Sea
Explore the world’s most famous caldera by sea with Sunset Oia, Santorini’s leading private cruise company, and spend a day relaxing on board one of its comfortable and elegant catamarans and yachts.
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There are few experiences comparable to the feeling of the cool sea breeze blowing on one’s skin, or the sense of complete freedom and exuberance when riding the waves out at sea. The Aegean is particularly famous for making seafarers and yachters fall in love with it, both for its balmy climate and stunning natural landscape. 

Now, if you’re staying on Santorini you already have a first-hand impression of what we’re talking about: a sprawling horizon dotted with painterly island formations, whitewashed villages against a dramatic backdrop of rock and sky, and the endless sea glistening lazily under the generous Greek sun.

Encircled by staggering cliffs and islets, Santorini’s lagoon is basically the caldera of a massive volcanic eruption that took place thousands of years ago; therefore its waters are protected by strong winds and are ideal for relaxed sailing trips. Based out of the little bay of Ammoudi on the island’s northwestern peninsula, Sunset Oia is Santorini’s leading private cruise company boasting a pristine fleet of catamarans, speedboats and yachts ready to fulfil every desire —from slow and leisurely trips around the caldera to day-long expeditions to the other side of the island and every beach along the way. Depending on your preferred travel style, Sunset Oia offers the option for either faster, motorised vessels or for a more relaxed experience on sailboats.

Motor yacht Alexandros is a Ferretti 68 feet. Ideal for island hopping. Guest will be able to find all the hidden gems of Aegean islands.

A mere 7-minute drive from Canaves Oia (or around 25 minutes by foot), Ammoudi bay is one of the best places to watch the sun set on Santorini, hence many of Sunset Oia’s cruises conclude just in time to watch the sun dive into the sea. But there’s so much more to explore around Santorini that you will probably need a whole day to see it all: make a stop by the island of Palia Kameni to visit the hot springs there and swim in their sulphur-rich waters, or travel all the way to Santorini’s southmost beach for a swim at the unusual Red Beach. Activity-seekers can also head to one of the other islands and beaches nearby for snorkelling, or arrange a deep-water fishing trip to put their fishing skills to the test! For a more relaxed experience, Sunset Oia’s larger vessels provide sleeping suites and dining on board, with the option for exclusive wine tastings and spa treatments in the complete privacy of your deck, immersed in the soothing calmness of the sea.



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Courtesy of Sunset Oia & Canaves Oia


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